If you own pets (or if they own you), taking an extended RV trip without them would be unthinkable. Being able to take our pets along with us was the number 2 reason we opted for getting an RV. (I’m not sure what the number 1 reason was).

Traveling with pets can make your RVing experience very gratifying. But, if you don’t plan well for it, it can make you c-r-a-z-y! So don’t throw your pets in the RV at the last minute without considering that they are people, too, and deserve special care and attention to their needs.

Most dogs take readily to RV travel and enjoy the trip as much as other family members. As long as you stop every couple of hours and take them out for some exercise and to take care of their personal business, they are good to go. But there are … Read More >>>

Know the Useful Tips on How to Make Your Dog Car Friendly

If we talk about the dogs who are the real and the loyal most friends of the human beings, travelling is not a fun at all. It results in to a great deal of anxiety for some of them. They usually fear from travelling long distances by cars and the same can produce shaking, drooling and even vomiting as well.

We commonly call it as car sickness that occurs due to the fear, anxiety, car noise, motion and pollution. Below are certain tips that can help you in preventing these panic situations amongst the dogs;

1. Make Your Pet Comfortable With The Car

Try to make your dog car friendly by getting to the car together for treats and spending fun time with in the car. To make this delightful or positive experiences do not go for the car running just make it parked. You can do this frequently on … Read More >>>