Know the Useful Tips on How to Make Your Dog Car Friendly

Know the Useful Tips on How to Make Your Dog Car Friendly

If we talk about the dogs who are the real and the loyal most friends of the human beings, travelling is not a fun at all. It results in to a great deal of anxiety for some of them. They usually fear from travelling long distances by cars and the same can produce shaking, drooling and even vomiting as well.

We commonly call it as car sickness that occurs due to the fear, anxiety, car noise, motion and pollution. Below are certain tips that can help you in preventing these panic situations amongst the dogs;

1. Make Your Pet Comfortable With The Car

Try to make your dog car friendly by getting to the car together for treats and spending fun time with in the car. To make this delightful or positive experiences do not go for the car running just make it parked. You can do this frequently on several occasions and in this way you can overcome the car fear of your dog.

2. Make Your Pet Used To The Car Traveling

Undoubtedly making your four leg friend used to of the car rides is really a tough task as it takes a lot of pain to ensure them that they are in a safe condition. At the time you start your car and if your dog looks nervous give him a treat before starting and after you start driving and finally do not forget to pamper him.

3. Make Your Dog Familiar With The Car Motion

Off course this is a pretty important point as your beloved pet may get irate with the car motion. First make sure that your dog is comfortable with the parked car and a started one then after knowing that he has not any fearful reactions anymore you can give him drives.

4. Make The Short Trips With Your Dog

It is the perfect time to have some small trips with your dog. In order to make this trip worth enjoying for your pet give him treat, praise, assurance and make him calm by talking and pampering him. Keep travelling till it is quiet no matter how long it takes.

Overall repetition is the key as nothing but the hands on experience can teach them better. Try to make them car used to from the time when they are puppy. Dogs can turn out to the excellent traveling companions so it is really worthwhile to teach them now.

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