Family Pet Funerals – Time to Update the Lesson

In the past, when a pet had passed away, the family would normally hold some sort of garden memorial burial ceremony for the sake of teaching children about what happens after something or someone passes away. With the exception of some parrots, animals are not meant to be with us throughout our lives. These types of pet memorials are ritualistically similar to that of human funerals. They teach children that death is a part of life.

In some low-lying areas, communities place their dead in crypts above ground, just as the ancient Egyptians did. In other areas, for centuries, the deceased have been buried in graves. The most economical way to dispose of a body was to bury it in the ground. Coffins were created of plain wood in a rectangular type shape. At one end, the coffin was just a bit wider to accommodate the person’s shoulders. Bodies were laid in coffins, lowered into a hole of similar size and covered up with dirt. Usually away from the main population, there was a designated area for coffins. These were called graveyards. Funerals for the dead were held in the graveyards.

Family pet funerals are similar. For a small pet, a shoe box may serve as a make-shift coffin. For larger animals, a comparable size hole was dug in the backyard, and the body, often in a large plastic bag or covered with a tarpaulin, was lowered down into the hole. Dirt would be back-filled into the hole, covering the deceased pet. A pet gravemarker usually consisted of a cross made of twigs, a flower or wreath, and a personal pet item.

In times past, many people were buried with no gravemarker. Unmarked graves could be unearthed years later. In present day, gravestones or headstones (named from the placement of the stone over the “head” of the body) are used to mark the burial site. They are engraved with names and the dates that span the life of the family member.

Eventually, pet lovers decided their pets deserved to be honored with more than sticks and flowers. People are not the only ones deserving of headstones. Pets deserved them as well. Today, there are hundreds of different pet memorials and urns for pets. Both are available with engraved sentiments, poems, names and dates. Many can be used for burial, but some are meant to be displayed. Some of the pet memorial urns are so beautiful, one might think them treasured antique pieces of art.

Times have changed over the centuries. What we are teaching our children about death through the loss of pets needs to be brought into modern times. Exquisite marble pet memorials and pet urns should now be part of these lessons. Perhaps the new tokens of honor will bring families comfort and beauty into pet grieving ceremonies.… Read More

How to Cope With the Grief of Pet Loss

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be very difficult because your pet was a constant presence in your life and your home. Grieving is hard because you had a routine with your pet: feedings, walks, sitting in the lap time, favourite treats, funny faces and tricks. Pet loss is especially painful because your loss / bond is unique: your pet loved you unconditionally, unreservedly and was always waiting at home, excited and happy to see you.

This loss can hurt worse than losing a friend.

This wasn’t just a dog or just a cat. Grieving a pet death is painful because they were part of your family.

How to Cope With Pet Loss:

– Acknowledge that this is a huge, sad event. Don’t downplay it, or shrug it off. Grieving is a process that can take months.

– Accept that you may never totally get over your pet loss. You’ll always remember them. Having a funeral helps the grieving process. Light candles and recite a Poem or Loving Eulogy.

– Give yourself permission to grieve – it’s not “just a pet.” Coping involves the whole grieving process.

– Experience and express feelings of sadness, anger, or guilt. Grieving involves tears, anger, and sometimes even fear.

– Talk to others who can empathize – surround yourself with people who understand pet loss. Talk to your friends and family about why you feel this way ( even if they already know). Healthy grieving involves open communication.

– Be patient. Give yourself time to grieve. The grief process takes as long as necessary.

– Join support group, especially if you feel depressed or extremely angry. Grieving a pet may be easier with others who understand any sort of loss.

Remember you are not alone. All pet owners go through this – it is part of the joy and sadness that our beloved furry friends bring us. Understand that you gave your best. Enrich your soul with thoughts of the love you had for them. You kept them warm, well fed and with loving company.

When words are inadequate have a ceremony. A pet funeral is possibly the most important aspect of the grieving process. It gives you the time to say farewell, and provides a tribute for a much loved friend. Always remember you gave your pet a beautiful life.

Your love deserves a fitting tribute. You’ll find if you say goodbye that your pet’s physical presence will soon turn into a warm  that will remain on you until you meet again.… Read More

Travel RVing With Pets

If you own pets (or if they own you), taking an extended RV trip without them would be unthinkable. Being able to take our pets along with us was the number 2 reason we opted for getting an RV. (I’m not sure what the number 1 reason was).

Traveling with pets can make your RVing experience very gratifying. But, if you don’t plan well for it, it can make you c-r-a-z-y! So don’t throw your pets in the RV at the last minute without considering that they are people, too, and deserve special care and attention to their needs.

Most dogs take readily to RV travel and enjoy the trip as much as other family members. As long as you stop every couple of hours and take them out for some exercise and to take care of their personal business, they are good to go. But there are exceptions–some have problems adjusting to all the new surroundings and get stressed out. Typically quiet dogs might become incessant barkers and exhibit behavior you have never seen before. If you don’t know how your dog reacts to travel, you should consider taking him on some short trips before embarking on a journey. Another consideration is keeping your best friends clean. No matter how hard you try, you cannot keep a wet dog from smelling like a wet dog. Put that wet dog into a confined place, like a motorhome or camping trailer–and you are going to have some unhappy campers. Keep lots of old towels available for rainy days and swim meets. Dry them off before you let them inside.

Cats can make terrific traveling companions, but are definitely different from dogs. Most of them won’t take to a leash, so letting them outdoors can muster up a whole different set of problems.

Dogs and cats are by far the most common RV compatible animal companions, but certainly not the only ones. I have seen pot-bellied pigs (which are truly wonderful pets), miniature donkeys, birds of every feather (well, nearly every feather), lizards, geckos, goats, chickens, bunnies–and snakes. All seem to do well as RV travelers. An animal lover myself, I think they are all terrific–except for snakes. Snakes scare the bejeepers out of me. To each his own…

Planning and consideration are the most valuable tools to make sure you have an enjoyable trip with your best friend on your next RV excursion.… Read More

Why You have to Ensure Your Pet

There’s no doubt than no one is often confident of what’s going to take place in the future. This means that there’s generally a degree of risk linked with every little thing in life be it wellness, cash and investments, work and a lot of other aspects of your life. Should you have a pet then you also need to think about the risks linked with them as you’d for yourself because pets are members of your household. 1 from the approaches of dealing with such risks is by having pet insurance coverage.

Considering that dogs and cats constitute majority of pets in most residences it truly is important for you to look into receiving either cat insurance or dog insurance coverage based on what animal you have got as a pet. With advances in technologies in the field of veterinary medicine, it’s becoming increasingly high-priced for most folks to cover the medical expenditures of their pets. Finding insurance coverage can help you handle that simply because you will be capable of cover the charges comfortably without going into debt.

A further importance of pet insurance coverage may be the fact that you simply will be able to create your pet comfy really should they be affected by injuries arising from accidents. You are going to also be able to comfortably care for your terminally ill pet is there is certainly no other treatment obtainable. With all the fees of remedy covered, you can stay away from creating a horrible choice of euthanizing your pet and losing it when there is still hope.

The insurance coverage gives a peace of mind for the reason that you usually do not need to be concerned about where the funds might be coming from. This way you as well as your family members can take pleasure in spending time along with your pet and bond.

With the increasingly recognition of insurance coverage with regard to pets there is certainly want for you to access details on any insurance companies supplying these wonderful solutions. One particular from the methods through which you could access this data such as prices on offer entails the usage of pet insurance comparisons web-sites.

Within these web sites is each of the facts you need with regards to not merely prices, but quotes primarily based on the period you want to insure your pet for. You will also have the ability to access the packages out there at the same time as guidance around the ideal plans to choose for your pets. There’s generally a list of each of the available pet insurance businesses inside your state or nearby area therefore generating it quick for you personally to get their services. Usually make sure that you verify on the web for by far the most reliable organizations that may give you the ideal value for the cash. Pet Insurance coverage Comparisons needs to be done systematically and in a manner that all customers on the web page … Read More

Why Everyone Needs a Good Veterinarian in Their Life

As a pet owner, you know exactly why it is so important to have a good reliable veterinarian in your life. Not only do you need that satisfaction, but your pets do as well with the consistency, compassion, and on-call services that your vet has to offer in a time of need. By having a veterinarian that offers you only the best of services, you will never have any fear of whether or not your pets will receive the best treatment possible at checkups or in any emergency situations.

Why Everyone Needs a Good Veterinarian in Their Life


Having a veterinarian that is reliable and consistent is extremely important for you and your pets as you need your animals to get to know their vet and to be available when needed. By allowing your pets to build a bond at your choice vets office, you are also allowing them to become more comfortable in a doctor’s atmosphere. This helps make yearly checkups and appointments less stressful on them as they always know who they are about to go see. This is very important as we all know how much it hurts to see our beloved pets scared.


By choosing any veterinarian st Petersburg fl, you are also choosing to give your pets all the compassion they will ever need at a vets office. Compassion is extremely important with animals as they not only need medical attention when they arrive at the office but a loving caring hand as well. By allowing them to have a veterinarian that is compassionate, they will be able to remain calm during procedures that normally leave animals stressed out and nervous. Sometimes it takes visiting multiple offices before you find the right vet for your animals, but in the end, their happiness is worth it.

On-call Service

Having a good vet means that they can be on-call at any hour of the night in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate medical attention. Not having a vet that offers this has often resulted in the death of many animals as they were choking or possibly even hit by a vehicle. On-call services will allow you to bring your pet to the office at all hours to ensure you that no matter what the situation is, your animals will have a fighting chance at surviving which is all we want as pet owners.

Owning animals means that it is up to you to find the perfect veterinarian that will offer your pets compassion, on-call services, and consistency. By choosing a vet’s office that has all three of these things, you are choosing to let your animals remain comfortable and have around the clock healthcare in case of an emergency that requires them to have a vets assistance right away. Before choosing just any old vet down the street, ask yourself how much your pet’s happiness and health is truly worth to you. Not finding the right one will only add stress to you and your pets’ lives.… Read More