Dog Crate Sizes by Breed

Dog Crate Sizes by Breed

Most dog crates come in a variety of sizes. The size you choose depends on the dog’s height, length and weight.

Most crate manufacturers recommend the crate be about 6” longer than the dog’s length and 6” higher than his shoulder height for maximum comfort.


The height of a dog crate is important to ensure your pet can stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably in it. A crate that’s too small may lead to behavioral problems or even accidents while your dog is inside.

Fortunately, there are a variety of dog crates to choose from, including wire, plastic, soft-side, and wood. Some of these have dividers, so you can adjust the inside size to accommodate your pup’s growth and development.

When choosing a crate, it’s also a good idea to consider your pet’s weight. Most crate manufacturers will indicate the recommended weight limit for their product.


Choosing the right dog crate size for your pet is important for their comfort and wellbeing. A crate that is too small for them to move around will leave them feeling uncomfortable and possibly stressed.

To determine the length of your dog’s crate, start by measuring from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail (do not include the complete tail length in this measurement). Then, add 2 to 4 inches for a small/medium breed and 4 to 8 inches for a large/extra-large breed.

Using these measurements, you can then find a crate that is the perfect fit for your dog. Some crates come with dividers that allow you to adjust the interior of the crate as your dog grows. This can help with crate training, house-breaking and overall dog care.


Dog crates come in a variety of widths and sizes. You should always be sure to measure your pet before buying a crate.

The width of a crate is important for a number of reasons. You want to make sure your dog can sit comfortably, stand up without hitting their head, and turn around easily.

You also want to ensure that your dog can lay on their side with their paws stretched out before them. If you’re looking for a crate that will grow with your puppy, look for one with divider panels that you can add or remove to increase the space inside as they grow.

Choosing the right size dog crate can be difficult, especially when you’re shopping for a new one. It’s also important to consider your dog’s breed, age, and weight.


Dogs require different crate sizes to accommodate their specific needs. Choosing a crate that is too small can cause them to feel uncomfortable, or they may try to escape the crate, causing damage.

The depth of a dog crate is also important to consider. It should allow your pet ample room to stand up and turn around comfortably, without hitting their head against the top of the crate.

Depending on your dog’s breed, you can find a crate that is just right for them by measuring their length and height. To measure their length, you can either use a tape or string.

To measure their height, you can also use a tape or string. You can then add about 2 inches for smaller dogs and 4 inches for larger dogs to ensure that there is enough room for your dog to move in the crate.

Lastly, you can also consider adding a dog bed to their crate to add extra comfort. There are many different types of beds available that will fit inside most crates.

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