Puppy Toys for Teething

Puppy Toys for Teething

Chew toys are not only fun for puppies, but they help to clean teeth and relieve pain. Plus, they freshen breath and make your pup’s mouth smell better.

When picking out a chew toy, consider your puppy’s current size and the materials that are safe for their teeth. A toy that is too hard for your dog’s mouth may cause them injury.

1.   Kong

Puppies chew a lot, so it’s important to give them appropriate toys during teething. Chewing helps to relieve pain and stimulate their gums, so choosing the right chew toys can help reduce discomfort and keep your furniture safe.

One of the most popular chew toys is Kong, which has a soft puppy rubber formula and flexible grooves that make it easy for dogs to stuff treats inside. The hollow center and flexible ridges can hold wet or dry kibble, squeaky bones, cheese, peanut butter, turkey, or other treats.

The teething stick also has exclusive Denta-Ridges that gently clean the mouth as your pup chews, soothing swollen gums and promoting good oral hygiene while they play. Stuffing a KONG with treats can encourage your puppy to chew on their toy for longer, and you can even freeze them to prolong the fun.

Frozen dog toys can be a great way to relieve swollen gums and soothe sore mouths, but it’s best to choose a toy that’s made specifically for freezing rather than a toy that could get too hard or brittle when frozen.

2.   Rubber Chew Toys

The teething process can be tough on your pup’s gums and little teeth. That’s why it’s important to have puppy toys that soothe their tender gums while avoiding harmful chemicals or dangerous designs and constructions.

Rubber chew toys are the perfect choice to soothe a pup’s mouth. They’re softer than bones but harder than nylon, so they won’t break a pup’s teeth or pose choking hazards.

These durable rubber chews are also a great way to distract your pup when you’re working or playing with them. Put peanut butter or their favorite treat inside and let them lick and gnaw away.

This cool ring toy from Feeko has different textures to soothe teeth and gums, and is made with a soft rubber that’s safe for puppies of all ages and sizes. It’s bacon-scented and floats in water, too!

This softer freezable option is a favorite of our veterinarians because it’s crafted with a soft attached cloth that can be frozen to add soothing cold. You can even soak and freeze the entire toy for added pain relief but be sure to remove it when you want your dog to stop chewing it.

3.   Soft Chew Toys

The best puppy toys for teething are soft chew toys that soothe and massage a puppy’s gums. Some are made with rubber and others have softer materials. They all keep your puppy busy while they’re teething, reducing their anxiety and helping them through the painful process.

These dog chew toys are safe for puppies’ teeth and mouths and are easy to clean. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Many soft chew toys can be filled with food or treats for extra scrumptious fun. Some even include a frozen element that adds relief to your puppy’s teething pain.

Another popular option is the pacifier-style Nylabone, which has nubs and ridges that help massage and clean gums. You can stuff it with a little peanut butter or yogurt to add some extra scrumptiousness and promote oral health.

Another great choice for larger breeds and aggressive chewers is the Mammoth Flossy Chews Dog Rope Toy. It comes in a variety of lengths to suit your pup’s needs and varying degrees of hardness, making it perfect for all dogs of all chewing strengths.

4.   Frozen Chew Toys

Frozen toys are a great choice for teething puppies because they can help cool off their gums and relieve discomfort. They also provide a texture gratification that your pup will enjoy as they chew.

Redman says that she usually recommends a chew toy that is soft enough for a puppy to flex and indent with their mouth, but tough enough to keep them busy and engaged. Some popular animal-derived chews, such as antlers or bones, are too hard for a puppy to safely chew on and can chip their teeth.

The best frozen chews are made of sturdy materials that are durable and safe for your pup. They’re also available in a variety of fun shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your dog.

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