Approved Pet Operators and Procedures for Flying with Your Pet

Approved Pet Operators and Procedures for Flying with Your Pet

Flying with your pet requires more effort than just buying a plane ticket, checking his luggage, and placing it comfortably in his seat. For animals, special protocols must be obeyed, and such protocols differ from one airline to another. Some airline companies have strict requirements especially for the size of the pet carrier that is to be brought onto the plane. An airline-approved pet carrier would be the safest to bring, and to know this, you as a pet owner should take the full initiative in gathering the information needed to smoothen your traveling experience with your pet.

Flying with allows animals

Before purchasing a carrier, make sure that the airline you are flying with allows animals to be onboard their aircraft. For most airlines, you will also need a reservation for your pet. Once you have your reservation, it is important that you should measure your pet carrier based on the size of your dog and on the airline-approved pet carrier size as well. Remember, if you are a 16 “dog from head to base, you will need a carrier that is longer than 16” so that your pet has room to move and change position.

The pet must be in good health

Also, before your scheduled flight, make sure your pet is in good health to avoid questions from airline staff. In general, when a pet is in very good condition, it will behave properly and hence there will be no problem carrying it.

Usually, smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shitz Zus, Maltese, and Bichons have no problem getting into large vessels that are approved by the airline. When your dog reaches 20-22 lbs or more it becomes more difficult to find a pet carrier that is large enough that is approved by the airline and can be carried up

The perfect dog carrier

A thing to remember when choosing and purchasing the perfect dog carrier is the comfort that it brings to your pet. Many pet carriers have to mesh sides or windows to give your pet a view and plenty of fresh air. Once again, a pet that is in great shape and is in a comfortable position and space behaves well and will thus leave you with less, if not zero, hassle.

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