Dog Carriers & Travel Bags – They Are Not Silly Sounding

Dog Carriers & Travel Bags – They Are Not Silly Sounding

Dog Carriers & Travel Bags - They Are Not Silly Sounding

There are many reasons to buy a dog carrier bag for your pet, from age and health reasons to the fact that small feet get tired more quickly than our feet, for safety reasons.

A very practical reason is to give you and your dog access to many areas that don’t allow dogs – public transport, shopping centers, cafes, etc. I was horrified when I saw dogs tied up outside shops and malls. The problems that can arise from this are many and varied. A dog that has been tied up can be put into very frightening conditions and can even bite or bite people or children if approached.

Your pet can also be abused or even stolen when left unattended. If your dog is contained in a pet carrier entry into these areas it cannot be easily denied. Many people use pet carrier bags to smuggle their pets into apartment buildings with undue rules regarding animal access. These rules usually try to stop dogs and cats from polluting public areas, so confining in a dog carrier bag reduces all these problems.

Backpacks for dogs are great if you travel and want your dog to come and enjoy the fun. Small dogs can quickly overheat and need to take a break from walking more often than you. The sling is great for puppies and small dogs. They are very much like baby carrier style papoose and are fast and easy to use.

Get into the habit of your dog in his bag, by first allowing him to sit quietly at home. Put some of their favorite snacks or toys there too. As they become more accustomed to limited space then you can start walking with bags. It won’t take long for them to associate good things with their travel bags.

A car seat for dogs is also a great idea. Many small dogs get car sick because they are under the surface of the window and do not get airflow or visibility from a low angle. This can cause motion sickness and cause dogs not to be with you. Booster chairs lift them so they can look out the window and get a lot of fresh air on their faces. They are also mounted to seats with safety attachments that keep them safe in the booster seat.

Dogs and Cities carry an exclusive range of carrying bags, from designer dog bags, casual sling bags to backpacks for dogs. We also carry a variety of car pusher seats for dogs and additional equipment in the seat belt.

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