What Should You Know About Caring for Your Little Pekingese Puppy?

What Should You Know About Caring for Your Little Pekingese Puppy?

If you are considering buying a Pekingese puppy, there are a few things you should know about the breed. This ancient Chinese breed is an ideal companion dog. They weren’t bred to hunt or retrieve so if you are looking for a lap dog that is also alert and playful; the Pekingese is a perfect choice.

A new Pekingese Puppy

The Pekingese puppies are adorable – cute and cuddly. These dogs will snore, shed hair and wheeze. So only buy a Pekingese puppy if you live in a cooler climate and have time at hand to be able to groom your dog regularly. A chunky and sturdy puppy, the Pekingese is appealing and mild-tempered. But that doesn’t mean the dog will be easy to maintain! A Pekinese can get a horde of physical ailments, ranging from eye infections to skin infections. Also, these dogs are more prone to disc injuries, allergies, and joint problems. A new puppy will be inquisitive by nature and will require a lot of training.

Training a Pekinese puppy

Like all puppies, the Pekingese is also playful and active. But unlike a Labrador retriever or a German shepherd, the Pekingese puppy will not live to please you. If you want an obedient dog with no behavioral issues, you will have to earn the respect of this cute little puppy. You will need to train this puppy consistently, with a firm hand so that the dog understands that you are the master, and only you call the shots. Being relaxed about the training of a Pekingese means you will suffer from an aggressive and ill-tempered dog for the next 13 years of your life. Doesn’t sound too good, does it? So be firm and be consistent, because this small breed is known for its stubbornness and may need a little more time and patience to be housebroken and trained for basic obedience. However, that doesn’t mean you give up to soon. It is essential for your safety as well as the safety of your Pekingese puppy that he learns simple obedience commands like – Sit, Stay, No, Come and Heel sooner rather than later.

Pekinese grooming

Like any other dog with a thick coat, the Pekingese puppy will need regular grooming. Some puppies resist grooming, and it is your job as the master to train your puppy to sit still while you comb his coat. Make sure you do it more often – maybe twice a day so that the/ puppy gets comfortable with you detangling his coat. Also, you will need to take special care of this breed’s eyes and paws, so make sure your puppy is trained from an early age to sit peacefully while you examine the fur and paws for skin infections or the eyes for dryness.

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